Lola Clothing Company



Lola Clothing Company was born on the gravel roads in the Midwest surrounded by cars, motorcycles, 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. Growing up I wanted to be just like my two big brothers in every way possible; how they dressed, what they did, where they went, how fast they went there. As I got older wearing their hand me downs got less and less acceptable. Lola Clothing Company was created to mimic the simple yet fashionable designs seen in men's clothing, but cut for a woman. I wanted to make a woman's flannel that looked good, but also was good quality. Fashionably functional. 

The name Lola comes from my grandmother, who was a strong independent woman, back when that wasn't the norm. She instilled these life lessons and values in her daughter, my mother, who then passed them onto me. Lola Clothing Company is for badass women doing badass things. 

Be like Lola. Fashionable. Strong. Badass.